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Why should buy covers for iPad2:

Whether you waited in line to buy your iPad 2 or were lucky enough to just order online and wait leisurely for its delivery, you would know what an awesome gadget it is. From interactive books to great web surfing to enjoying music and movies in a very portable and liberating way, iPads definitely let you do more in more places. Unfortunately the iPad2 it is also very relatively fragile. Especially with a large glass screen and no cover like a laptop. Compared to let's say your iPod, the iPad is very vulnerable to damage. The simplest way to address this is with an iPad cover.

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iPad 2 cover extend the life of an iPad 2

The centrepiece of the iPad 2 is the touchscreen. Not only does it display information and render graphics, it is also the main way you input information into the iPad. It serves the two core functions of any gadget - input and display. Any damage to the touchscreen weakens or completely destroys its ability to receive and display information. Extend the life of the touch screen and you extend the life of the iPad 2. Simple as that. A quality iPad2 cover will help extend the life of the unit by protecting the touchscreen form scratch damage, spills, shallow pokes (which might produce shallow shatter damage), and other light to medium damage. A good cover is thin enough to let you feel and experience the touchscreen fully but thick enough to insulate the touchscreen from direct damage through thin plastic membranes. Some even have built in bluetooth keyboard for those folks wanting to retain a traditional laptop feel


An iPad 2 cover help you enjoy your iPad more

Without a cover, you might be hesitant to use your iPad 2 to its full potential. Psychologically, you might be afraid that aggressive motions and tapping might damage the thin touchscreen. You may be afraid to throw it into a bag to transport it. Using a cover frees you up. Since there's no psychological barrier when you use a touchscreen cover, you are free to explore differing gestures and tap your heart away. You are free to flip open the cover and explore the iPad to its full offering and explore possibilities.


iPad 2 covers give your iPad personality

Like it or not, appearances matter. Just as you would have a particular impression of a person who looks all scuffed up and dirty, your iPad's appearance can scream volumes about your personality. You dress them up with custom wallpaper as you do a NetBook or Workstation. Make a great impression by keeping your iPad in mint condition with a protective cover. Most of your iPad's surface is the glass touchscreen so a clean touchscreen pretty much means a sleek usableiPad.

Not only do cover extend the lifespan of the unit by protecting it from debilitating damage, it also protects the iPad's ability to display information clearly and brightly. Not all damage involves destroying the key functions of the iPad. Many forms of damage such as scratches, spills, and scuffs, simply hamper the iPad's ability to display information clearly.